21 May 2009

On Fellowship

Wednesday, May 18, 1743. I have no fellow Christian to whom I might unbosom myself and lay open my spiritual sorrows and with whom I might make take sweet counsel in conversation about heavenly things and join in social prayer. (From The Life of David Brainerd, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol.7, pg.207.)

This is indeed a powerful dairy entry. Brainerd was not married and ministered alone to the Indians which accounts for his lonliness here. This entry reminds me of the fact that I do have friends that I can share the very things with that Brainerd was longing for. We can talk casually and seriously about spritual issues. And we can pray together. My hope is that you do as well. If you do, then enjoy these sweet times that are likely far too few. If you do not, make yourself available and open to someone and develop that Christian friendship. Be sure to attend Sunday School and other church meetings. Get to know people and make those connections. There is a reason that we are not to forsake the assembly, and though Brainerd had good reason, he was feeling the emptiness that comes from lack of fellowship.

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