28 March 2014

What to think about the Old Calvinism vs. the New Calvinism debate

For  some excellent insight on the Old vs. the New Calvinism discussion (debate?) check out the Reformed Forum podcast on this issue. While you're there read Jim Cassidy's post, 5 Reasons Why I Am Not a New Calvinist. Folks, this is good stuff and we should spend some time thinking on these issues. The discussion was born out of John Piper's recent lecture at Westminster Seminary for the Seventh Annual Gaffin Lecture. For the record, I'm an Old Calvinist but have sympathy and even embrace some of the distinctives of the New Calvinists. Still, there are issues of great import that we should consider. Below is Dr. Piper's lecture.

26 March 2014

World Vision Indecision

I really question whether I can call someone “brother” or “sister” who is openly and unrepentantly defying Jesus’ words. - Denny Burk

If  you're on the fence trying to decide what to think about the World Vision fiasco, read Denny Burk's clarifying post in response to the silly remarks made by Jen Hatmaker. We must ask ourselves, Is Scripture our basis in life or not?