30 March 2010

27 March 2010

On Providence

...Ignorance of Providence is the greatest of all miseries, and the knowledge of it the highest happiness. (John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, 1.17.11.)

22 March 2010

God's Will For You

One of the best sermons I've heard in quite some time on the subject....

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11 March 2010


I have found over the years that journaling is very therapeutic for me. It's a way of "getting it out" if you will, a way of sorting out jumbled thoughts and arranging them for future reference. I journal everything and anything that my mind needs to sort out or moreover, meditate on. Indeed, these blogs are pseudo-journals for me. What I post here and on OMT is what I tend to be studying, meditating on, listening to, preparing for or laughing about. I like a good pen, too. You can keep your Bic blue ballpoints. Give me a nice pen with ink that flows smoothly and evenly. Moleskines are wonderful journals that come in all sizes that are great for recording whatever is on my mind. They're nicely bound and ready to travel wherever I go.

With this in mind it was gratifying to a come across George Grant's Facebook post this morning. Below is the video he shares with us on journaling. Thanks, George!

Dr. George Grant on Journaling from King's Meadow on Vimeo.

08 March 2010

Psalm 43 from the Scottish Psalter

Psalm 43 is one of my favorite Psalms and it is simply beautiful in the Scottish Psalter. Some good meditation to begin the week is found within this Psalm.

Psalm 43

1Judge me, O God, and plead my cause
against th' ungodly nation;
From the unjust and crafty man,
O be thou my salvation.
2For thou the God art of my strength;
why thrusts thou me thee fro'?
For th' enemy's oppression
why do I mourning go?
3O send thy light forth and thy truth;
let them be guides to me,
And bring me to thine holy hill,
ev'n where thy dwellings be.
4Then will I to God's altar go,
to God my chiefest joy:
Yea, God, my God, thy name to praise
my harp I will employ.
5Why art thou then cast down, my soul?
what should discourage thee?
And why with vexing thoughts art thou
disquieted in me?
Still trust in God; for him to praise
good cause I yet shall have:
He of my count'nance is the health,
my God that doth me save.

01 March 2010

Keller on the Western Church

Tim Keller
Tim Keller offers some insightful thoughts and questions in his post, The Big Issues facing the Western Church.

They are,
1. The opportunity for extensive culture-making in the U.S.
2. The rise of Islam.
3. The new non-western Global Christianity.
4. The growing cultural remoteness of the gospel.
5. The end of prosperity?

I have been pondering this last point myself lately. What will we do with less money? How will we handle are own finances and those of our own local church? Keller asks discerningly, ...if we experience even one significant act of nuclear or bio-terrorism in the U.S. or Europe, we may have to throw out all the basic assumptions about social and economic progress we have been working off for the last 65 years. In the first half of the 20th century, we had two World Wars and a Depression. Is the church ready for that? How could it be? What does that mean?

Are we ready? Can we suffer through?

Pentateuch Study 9

We continue...

The Pentateuch: its meaning, message and application
Week 9 – Leviticus
I. Exodus summary – (Ex. 25–40) Israel receiving blessings: God gives His presence
a. Exodus 25-31 – God gives Moses the details of the tabernacle and of the priestly functions associated with it (Mosaic instructions from God)
b. Exodus 32-34 – Israel violates the covenant but Moses intercedes (Rebellion causes judgment)
c. Exodus 35-40 – A description of the construction of the tabernacle (Construction leads to blessing)
d. Conclusions
II. Leviticus
a. Purpose and meaning
i. Purpose – A holy God requires a holy people
ii. Meaning – Live the reality of your salvation in holiness
b. Outline
i. Lev. 1-25 (Regulations of Sacrifices, Priests, Cleanliness and Holy Living)
ii. Lev. 26 (Blessing and Curse)
iii. Lev. 27 (Regulations of vow)
c. Summary
i. Stipulations (Lev. 1-25) from narrow to broad
ii. Conditions
iii. Recommitment
d. Lev. 1-7 (Regulations of Sacrifices)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. The 5 offerings
iii. Summary and conclusion
e. Lev. 8-10 (Regulations of Priests)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. The worship
iii. Summary and conclusion
f. Lev. 11-16 (Regulations of Uncleanness)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Holy, common, clean and unclean
iii. Foods, childbirth, discharges, atonement
iv. Summary and conclusion
g. Lev. 17-25 (General Regulations of Holy Living)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Holy living in its spheres
iii. Summary and conclusion
h. Lev. 26
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Blessings and cursings
iii. Summary and conclusion
i. Lev. 27
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Vows
iii. Summary and conclusion