11 July 2015

Just Be A Farmer

When I was a kid in church I was always hearing about this man who led 22 people to Christ. Or this other man who has led 34 people to Christ. I really didn't believe all that. The Holy Spirit does the work, not us. Secondly, there was always something that didn't sit well with me, even as a kid, when I heard that that so-and-so led that many people to Christ. Was it bragging or a sense of self-importance or self-righteousness? I don't know but I wasn't buying it.

Scripture calls us "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). That's true but I often see myself more as a farmer (Mark 4:1-20). One who plants the seed, is on his knees weeding or watering the plants. I have never "led someone to Christ" especially with the under-lying meaning of leading someone to saving faith. That's not my job. I'm just the mouth piece when the situation calls for it. More often than not, I see myself in daily conversations as planting seeds. Sometimes its just a word or a sentence said at the right moment.

All this is to say, don't feel defeated if you're evangelism scheme or witnessing prowess doesn't seem to be working. You & I may just be the first person to start the unbeliever thinking more deeply about his or her spiritual condition. We many never see the fruit of our labors and that's OK. Just keep going. Just use those tiny opportunities to plant the seeds. Just be a farmer.

04 July 2015

Christians and Tattoos?

Joe Thorn nails it!