20 May 2009

On Anxiety

Recently I was listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon on anxiety which was a blessing. A few thoughts arose from that sermon that we should keep in mind. We need not fool ourselves - we all have anxiety from time to time or we would not be exhorted "to be anxious for nothing." Driscoll in his usual fashion draws us out of our self deception on this issue and reminds that anxiety is a sin and needs to be stopped. It is not something to be controlled nor is it something to be overlooked when we're stressed out. We are simply told, and with good reason, do not be anxious about anything (Php 4:6). Why? Verse 7 of Phil. 4 gives ample reason, And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Is this not what we all desire, peace of God? This is really a trust issue for us that we all must face. We must respond to God, not our circumstances. Spurgeon said it this way, A doubting, fretful spirit takes from us the joys we have. You have not all you could wish, but you have still more than you deserve. Your circumstances are not what they might be, but still they are not even now so bad as the circumstances of some others. Let's take another look at why we get stressed out and anxious then repent of this sin. We can then give praise to our God and Saviour who so graciously forgives.

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