12 November 2007

Top Ten Things to Say on Returning Home with Conference Book Plunder

This is just sooo good I gotta pass this on. Ten classic responses to over indulgent book buying (at least from the non-book buying spouse's perspective). I have to say that, as my wife is an accountant, number 5 is my favorite. “Don’t worry. It just looks like a lot. Amortized over my lifetime, I’m not spending very much on books at all. How true. And number 6, although humorous, is very true, “Oh, so you’re going to complain about your husband/wife squandering money on books! Do I blow money on alcohol? tobacco? gambling? drugs? sex? stadium box seats? No! Just books on justice and peace, Jesus and Paul, trinitarian theology and the evils of, uh . . . consumerism!” As five books have arrived in the mail in the last two weeks I need to start committing these to memory, quick! So you can start memorizing the excuse list, here is the link.

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