23 November 2007


A good but brief post on apologetics can be found here at Chris' Considerations. He briefly outlines the three types, Classical, Evidential and Presuppositional, and provides links for further study. I'm a Van Tillian Presuppositionalist myself. One's presuppositions are always the starting point. A good source on Van Til can be found at http://www.vantil.info/. A Primer on Presuppositionalism by Joel Garver is here. Of course, in my opinion, no one else knows Van Til on this subject better than John Frame. Check out an Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics here and here.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (a day late)

I see you've come across Third Millenium. Dr. Pratt, the founder, is probably the greatest single influence on our pastor (he was one of his seminary professors at RTS). If you haven't found them already, IIIM also has some good classes for download. Currently, I'm watching the "Building Your Theology" series of videos.

God bless!

Reformed Renegade said...

Actually, I had not come across Third Millenium. Good tip!