15 November 2007

New Greek Study Resource

If you haven't seen this yet, take a look now. Its a new greek Bible study sight that looks to be very promising for those wishing to seriously ( or not so seriously) study Scripture. The Greek can be brought up along with parallel columns of the KJV, NASB & ESV or any combination that you like or need. Its fast and easy. Zack Hubert has done an outstanding job with this. I know I will be using this often!

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Anonymous said...

You might also check out this Bible Tool. It's not strictly a Greek study reference, but it's an online Bible study tool that has zillions of translations available, the ability to display parallel translations, as well as concordances and such. To make sure I wasn't lying, I just did a quick test and selected "Parallel" at the top of the screen. Then I selected "Textus Receptus" on the left side, along with the already displayed NASB. Now, they're displayed in parallel. From there, you can see the note and cross-reference links in the English version. You can also click on -any- word in the Greek translation, and it brings up the appropriate reference.

I like it even more since it's Open Source software. Although, the Greek tool you linked to is cool because it's written using Ruby on Rails, which is quite spiffy.