05 November 2007

Christmas Ales

I must take a moment to commend to you two beers as we approach the festive Christmas season. Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Goose Island Christmas Ale. Both are very fine brews. The Great Lakes is, according to their website, A holiday ale brewed with honey and spiced with fresh ginger and cinnamon. ABV 7.5%, ABW 6.0% and IBU 40. The Goose Island Christmas Ale is also a delightful beer and worth the effort to purchase another six pack. ABV 5.6%, ABW 4.45 and IBU 50. Both are delicious. If I had to pick between the two I would have to go with Great Lakes giving it a 9 out of 10 ranking compared to the Goose Island, 7 out of 10. It'll be Christmas soon, give 'em both a try.

It is possible to tolerate a little elevation, when a man takes a drink or two too much after working hard and when he is feeling low. This must be called a frolic. But to sit day and night, pouring it in and pouring it out again, is piggish... all food is a matter of freedom, even a modest drink for one's pleasure. If you do not wish to conduct yourself this way, if you are going to go beyond this and be a born pig and guzzle beer and wine, then, if this cannot be stopped by the rulers, you must know that you cannot be saved. For God will not admit such piggish drinkers into the kingdom of heaven [cf. Gal. 5:19-21]... If you are tired and downhearted, take a drink; but this does not mean being a pig and doing nothing but gorging and swilling... You should be moderate and sober; this means that we should not be drunken, though we may be exhilarated. - Martin Luther

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