26 March 2007

Teaching the Bible in Public Schools

Time magazine has published an article on teaching the Bible in public schools. You can read it here. I'd really like to read your comments on this.


Gordan said...


I gotta say, I'm pretty much okay with this, even if the State schools will do their best to make sure the curricula are not "advocating" the Bible at all.

I believe in the power of the Word. A class like this will at least expose kids to the Word of God, whether or not the teacher presents it in that fashion.

On the other hand, I think this is the wrong argument to have. The argument shouldn't be about what to teach in the government schools, but whether or not we ought to have gov't schools at all; or at least, whether Christians should send their kids to the churches of secularism for their education.

Reformed Renegade said...

I'm OK with it, too. I had a class like this in high school myself. The teacher espoused her unbelief the whole quarter but it was cool to carry a Bible around all the time.
I agree, too, that the argument(s) are to send your child to gov't schools or whether there should be gov't schools at all. We home schooled (except for the first couple of years) both kids all the way thru high school.
I think all gov't schools should be done away with and private schools take there place. The cost would come down and the quality of education would increase due to competition between schools. Is that a pipe dream?