26 March 2007

Altar Calls - Martin Lloyd-Jones

I’ve never liked the altar call. I never thought it was necessary or even desirable to have some come forward and possibly be embarrassed or have to poor out their heart to someone they may not know. Yet its been a practice of some churches since the 1820’s.. I quickly grew a distaste for it when I was young and attended a church that employed (amongst others) this emotional and manipulative practice. Here’s a link to an article by Martin Lloyd-Jones on the subject. It’s a good read.

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Jim said...

One of my favorite theologians is Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who Dr. Lloyd-Jones was brought up in Welsh Calvinistic Methodism. I love his commentaries. Dr. Jones pastored Westminster Chapel in London with Dr. Campbell Morgan who was a famous Arminian theologian. Morgan and Lloyd-Jones' association was a fitting example of how Christians can work together even when they differ on secondary issues (salvation).

"The Gospel is open to all; the most respectable sinner has no more claim on it than the worst sinner" D Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"I would have been dead long ago if I had depended on men for encouragement." D Martyn Lloyd-Jones