14 March 2007

Music Is Not Amoral

I find this kind of thinking about CCM here on Christian Research Net most disturbing. The line of reasoning, of what there is, does not even make sense. Its a huge leap to go from Cain whose worship was unacceptable, to Jubal, his descendant, the "father of all who play flute and harp," to the assertion that all music is amoral. What? To the author, I respectfully fail to see the logic. God is the ultimate first cause of all things, including all music styles, and therefore all music is good. It is what man does with it that makes it worshipful or sinful. Not to mention the fact that Cain's unacceptable worship had nothing to do with music. For the record, I have not read this book and based on this blurb I won't. I hope the author's reasoning is much clearer in his book. For a better understanding of this issue I recommend John Frame's books, Worship In Spirit & Truth and Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense.

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