01 March 2007

It's Just a Stunt

OK, here's my dos centavos on the whole Tomb issue. Its a farce and we all know it. I do so dislike this kind if anti-Christian sensationalism. As somewhat of an armchair Biblical archeaologist, I can tell you that we should not do are part in sensationalizing this find either.

Anyway here's go a good summary of the situation at the Reformed Angler:

The Reformed Angler: 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' Claim Called a Stunt - washingtonpost.com

The archeaologist mentioned in the article, William Dever, although not a believer, is a well known biblical archeaologist and has written for Biblical Archeaology magazine and you may have seen him on the TV show Mysteries of the Bible, has blown this off as a load of rubbish. It really wasn't that big of a find. The names (of those that are still legible) are common names - Jesus, Joseph, Mary - we all know this. Jodi Magness, another archeaologist, states that transferring bones to ossuaries was a practice of the wealthy. This is just another stunt to foster unbelief just before Easter.

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Gordon said...

Hi, I just saw Reformed Renegade listed in a blogroll and thought the title looked interesting.

Yeah, it's kind of hard to fit in perfectly in any Reformed church, I guess. Ours (PCA) is more conservative than most and has recently been including a Psalm to sing in the main service.

I don't think anybody in our congregation is going to mind, but I've read some places people get really worked up over the particulars on this issue!

Anyway, I noticed the media seemed to back off pretty quickly on the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" story. It's so full of holes, it's ridiculous. It's sad they couldn't figure that out for themselves from the get-go.

Although they may not have cared about heresy, once they realized they were being used in a publicity stunt they backed off. For better or worse, the press HATES to be manipulated!