13 October 2007

New Poll on Christian History Author

Please vote for your favorite Christian History author on the sidebar and leave a message why you think your author is the best. Its hard for me to decide as I've been reading so much history lately I quite like them all. I guess I'll throw my vote to Gonzalez for now. For those that voted already please leave a message.


ReformedChristian said...

Hi Russ,

I voted for someone else for two reasons. Firstly I haven't read the guys on your list, secondly I am very loyal. So I am voting for HTC's very own Dr Nick Needham. His 2000 Year of Christ's power volumes 1-3 are excellent. These give a broad overview from the C1st until the reformation. He is currently working on volume 4.I believe a few American Seminaries have taken it up as the basis for their church history classes. They are very popular here because he writes in a conversational style and he includes large samples of writing by the main characters in each chapter.

Have a blessed day

Anonymous said...


I probably really can't vote, because Gonzalez is the only one I've read! I did enjoy him nonetheless.

Okay, I actually have been reading Samuel Moffett as well, but haven't yet finished his "History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. 1". It's a bit more technical than Gonzalez, but that makes sense, since he's discussing a much more restricted subject area. Regardless, I recommend it if for no other reason than that it's a look into an area of Christianity that most Christians today probably don't even know existed... the eastern church (no, the -really- eastern church), Persia, India and China, even in the early post-apostolic period.