27 October 2007

Masculine Christianity

John Piper has recently posted his notes on his message Some Sweet Blessings of Masculine Christianity. If you will allow me to press home his second point: Men are more properly attracted to the Christian life when it does not appear that he must become effeminate to be a Christian. (Dominance of female leadership undermines the proper sense of a man’s call to be a leader, protector, and provider.) This is so true. Men are often turned off by what they perceive as the feminity of Christianity. Churches need to to realize this now and begin to cater to the needs of men, both the lost that they are trying reach and those attending that they need to keep. May I add that point #8 is well stated, too. The feminization of modern worship music is a tragedy that needs to stop now. Piper states, The corporate worship teams are not dominated by women and the songs chosen are not dominated by a one-sided feel of intimacy or majesty. The presence of masculine men and strong theology and music give the corporate worship a feel of strength that helps men discover and express the fullness of the emotions toward God that God calls for. Read the entire post here.

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Stephen said...

That's a great quote.