15 January 2007

It's Time to Move Ahead

Last year all the major Scottish military regiments were incorporated into one unit. As you can imagine there was an emotional public out cry as hundreds of years of history came to an end. To some degree I shared the pain as I always do when something of longevity comes to a close. Yet, it reminded me of some good Believers I know – trapped in another time because of their church affiliation or because of a personal fondness for some period in history. They’re trapped by their church which has not changed a thing for years or even decades. They’re still lumbered with hymns written 100 years ago & wearing clothes and haircuts that are out of style. They’re so entrenched they think anything else is bordering blasphemy. Or there are the other good folks that wish they’d been born in 19th century England when Spurgeon was preaching or wish they’d been around in Puritan times. I share their fondness for Spurgeon and many of the Puritans. We’re all indebted to them whether we realize it or not. I sometimes romanticize about those days as well yet I realize that I am alive today in God’s good Providence. Alive and enjoying many more years of understanding of God’s Word and the application of it because of all the authors over all the centuries that have put pen to paper to share what they have learned. Why would I ever wish to be alive at any other time? Not to mention all the advancements in every other sphere of life that we enjoy today, i.e., medicine, travel, communications, internet, etc., etc., etc. We’re truly blessed to be alive today and serving a merciful God.
At the farewll ceremony for the Royal Scots regiment Lt. General Sir Robert Richardson, former Colonel of the Royal Scots stated, "Treasure the past, draw strength from it, but do not live in it." I echo these sentiments. Let's stop living in the past and start living today.

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