20 January 2007

Got Drums?

The Christian Science Monitor published an article on church attendance based on a study by the Hartford Institute for Religious Research. As one that spends some time reading this kind of stuff I find it very interesting. As churches & denominations have been losing members for the last 4 decades I think some of them should take notice.
I am thoroughly Reformed, adhere to the Westminster Confession and catechisms and find some of the best reading out there is by the Puritans. But, we cannot live in the past, we must move forward. I do believe it possible to incorporate Reformation theology within the modern church. One that sings modern praise and worship songs, for example. I would also agree with David Murrow, author of "Why Men Hate Going to Church." Its time the church place some focus on male attendance and do what it can for men, not to the neglect of women, but as God's appointed leaders in church and home. So, I find these studies proving some valid points and the church should sit up and take notice.

So, what did this study find in particular?

Growth is most likely when:

  • The church is multiracial

  • Joyful worship

  • Male attendance is 60% or better

  • Drums or percussion is used in worship

  • Conservative theology

  • Willingness to change

To me, this is not all that surprising, interesting, but not surprising. There are some things that are unchangeable - we know that. But a thorough examination of worship style and focus which can be changed is required now.

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