04 May 2010

Familiarity & Contempt

Familiarity & Contempt
by Rev. Scott R. Wright

It has been said, "Familiarity breeds contempt." Familiarity is a wonderful thing, especially when it describes one's relationship to God. But when twisted by sin, it can trigger a despicable response. Our culture's general disdain for anything Christian is an illustration of this. It scorns those ideas and convictions that served to undergird our nation's structure. Familiarity with our founding principles has bred contempt. The alarming result is an erosion of the collective commitment to what is true, honorable, just, commendable and excellent (Php 4:8). Sadly, the contemporary Church is not immune from such attrition. While regularly handling sacred things she seems to have lost much of her appreciation for those hallowed privileges entrusted to her by Christ.
Jesus taught that those who saw gospel works and heard gospel words would be truly blessed. This has been fulfilled in our day. Our generation enjoys the blessings of which He spoke. More blessed are we than many prophets and kings who desired to see and hear gospel things, and did not (Lk 10:24). The best, the brightest and the most influential of the Old Testament longed to behold the fulfillment of ancient promises. But they were unable because they did not live to see the gospel age. Today, even the humblest Christian has access to these glorious mysteries. The most unassuming believer is in a more exalted position than John the Baptist himself (Mt 11:11). By grace alone we are living in the latter days. We regularly see proof of God’s miracles of grace in human lives. We routinely hear glad tidings of great joy about Christ's cross and resurrection. Do we cherish these amazing gospel privileges? Do we fully appreciate our place in history? Oh, let not sin pervert the familiarity we have with Jesus. Consider His Person. Ponder his benefits. Deal not falsely like the other familiar friend (Ps 55:13).

Rev. Scott R. Wright is pastor of Redeemer Church (PCA) in Hudson, Ohio. To learn more visit www.redeemerohio.org. Copyright reserved.

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