07 May 2010

Blogging Pastors

Many of you have read the post by Abraham Piper, 6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog, but if not, it's worth a look and some serious consideration. All six points are important but I think his last point, ...to be known, is almost crucial. The last paragraph is paramount:

You can’t be everybody’s friend, and keeping a blog is not a way of pretending that you can. It’s simply a way for your people to know you as a human being, even if you can’t know them back. This is valuable, not because you’re so extraordinary, but because leadership is more than the words you say. If you practice the kind of holiness that your people expect of you, then your life itself opened before them is good leadership—even when you fail.

Pastors: You lead and guide us but we want to know you better. We want to know what makes you tick. We want to know where we connect with you and maybe where we don't. We want to see how God works in your life and not just on Sunday morning. We want to see you as a person, redeemed by God yet imperfect.

So start blogging already.

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