06 May 2010

Advice on Reading Theological Works

Nick Batzig offers some great advice on reading theological works under nine headings:

1. Read every chapter, article or sermon recommended by professors, pastors and theologians that you hold in high esteem.
2. Make the level of your reading to vary. Be reading more difficult and less difficult books.
3. Don’t neglect the footnotes or endnotes .
4. Ask friends what they are reading and what they have found most helpful.
5. Read those chapters that appear to be most closely related to the subject you are currently studying.
6. Read chapters that are relevant to a particular theological issue with which you are wrestling.
7. Find compilation volumes and familiarize yourself with the contributors and chapter titles.
8. Find and read doctoral dissertations.
9. Guard your heart and mind from intellectual pride.

This is a great post. Read the whole article here and check out the website, too. Thanks, Nick.

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