19 September 2009

Preaching Morality vs. Preaching Christ

In T. David Gordon's book, Why Johnny Can't Preach (see sidebar for link), he discusses the virtues of preaching Christ rather than morality. Gordon drives home the point in the following quote from page 78:
No; preach Christ and you will have morality. Fill the sails of your hearers' souls with the wind of confidence in the Redeemer, and they will trust him as their Sanctifier, and long to see his fruit in their lives. Fill their minds and imaginations with a vision of loveliness and perfection of Christ in his person, and the flock will long to be like him. Impress upon their weak and wavering hearts the utter competence of the meditation of the One who ever lives to make intercession for them, and they will long to serve and comfort others, even as Christ has served and comforted them.

Let us all pray for our preachers, and for the next generation of preachers in seminary now, that preaching Christ would be the foundation of their preaching ministries.

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