05 September 2009

Lord's Day 35 Heidelberg Catechism

Lord's Day 35

Scripture Readings: Exodus 20:22-26; Acts 17:29; John 4:22-24

Question 96. What is God's will for us in the second commandment?
Answer. That we should not represent or worship God in any other manner than God has commanded in the Word.

Question 97. May we not then make any image at all?
Answer. God cannot and may not be visible portrayed in any way. Although creatures may be portrayed, yet God forbids making or having such images if one's intention is to worship them or to serve God through them.

Question 98. May not images be permitted in the churches as teaching aids for the unlearned?
Answer. No. We should not try to be wiser than God. God wants us to be instructed by the living preaching of the Word not by idols that cannot even talk.

For discussion and study:
Can we make an image of God provided it is not used in the worship of God?
Can we have an image of Christ as he actually became a man and therefore had a visual appearance?

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