17 April 2009

Praying through the Psalms

Is your Bible study and prayer time getting boring? Has it always been boring? Think its just you? Its not. Everyone experiences dryness in there private prayer time. I've been re-listening to some very helpful mp3's courtesy of Omaha Bible Church. These good folks have posted five very helpful lectures by Don Whitney which will encourage you in your time with the Lord.
What I found most helpful was his instruction on praying through the Psalms. For example, pray your way through the Psalms by starting on the Psalm that matches the same day in the month. Today is the 17th so I would start with Psalm 17. Pray through the Psalm verse by verse, something there should apply to your heart and if a verse doesn't apply, move on to the next verse. If the whole Psalm doesn't work for you on a particular day, add thirty to the Psalm and check out that one. So, in this case, we would move on to Psalm 47, then 77, 107 and so on. As there are 150 Psalms you can move ahead five times. What about the 31st? Psalm 119 has an an abundance of verses that you likely won't get through in one sitting. Pick a section and pray through it. You can follow this method whether you have 10 minutes a day or two hours a day to spend in private prayer and study.
It has greatly helped me in my study/prayer time every day. It keeps your prayer life fresh and you'll eventually read and pray through all the Psalms. It's a win-win situation. You can find the Don Whitney mp3's here at the Omaha Bible Church website.

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