29 April 2009

Flavel on Union with Christ

I often return to the works of John Flavel. He just had such a way of putting his thoughts on paper with such clarity that to me he had few rivals. Below is one such instance that I'd like to share on the Union with Christ found in the Method of Grace:

It is a most comfortable union; yea, the ground of all solid comfort, both in life and death. Whatever troubles. wants, or distresses befall such, in this is abundant relief and support: Christ is mine, and I am his: what may not the redeemed soul make of that? If I am Christ's, he will care for me, and indeed, in so doing, he does but care for his own. He is my head, and to him it belongs to care for the safety and welfare of his own members. Eph. 1:22-23. He is not only a head to his own by way of influence, but to all things else by way of dominion, for their good. How comfortably may we, under this cheering consideration, repose ourselves upon him at all times and in all difficulties.

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