21 April 2009

The Gospel Coalition Network from The City

Looking for a Christian social networking site? One you could realistically use as a Christian? Check out Adrian Warnock's post about the Gospel Coalition Network from The City. You can connect as a participant or by becoming a member. Join a group and connect to others. I've hesitated joining My Space and Facebook but this I think may be the future for us as believers so I jumped in and joined. If you join, look for me and let's connect.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for this link. This is great. I've joined and really just skimmed, but I am impressed and inspired by the mission, as well as by the Who's Who... Not that I'm interested in name-dropping, yet at the same time, the collection of names on the Council of TGCN is awe-inspiring to me.

I love the Reformed faith, but am often turned off by some of the venom spewed within our ranks. The idea that a group of Christians of varying background (Presbyterian, Baptist, Charismatic) might actually get together and work together despite (hopefully positive) disagreement is great.


Reformed Renegade said...

Great, make me a connection. I think GC and T4G are so inspiring. We can come together as like-minded Christians with one focus, our differences notwithstanding. Its wonderful and so awesome how the Spirit works in us to accomplish these things.

I agree about them venomous tone some of us use. There is a time for it but its rare and I steer away from that kind of rhetoric.