12 April 2009

New Blog: Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio

Hey everyone, take look at my new blog, Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio. Of course, this blog will continue as is however, Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio will be focused on biblical studies concerning prayer, meditation and trials as the title suggests. Let me know what you think and subscribe to the feed.


Anonymous said...


I look forward to reading the new blog... you're in my "Reader queue!"

I still have about a zillion posts of yours "starred" for further review and comment... you're a good writer, thanks for your work.

If you have a few minutes, perhaps you'd be interested in a sermon I preached recently at our church in Korea... I'd be humbled and honored by your thoughts.


God bless!

Reformed Renegade said...

Wow, I'm honored and humbled that you'd think to share that with me. The sound was fine and I thought the sermon was great: well thought out, made a point and made the OT to NT connection with Christ being the apex. It made me think as well. I may be asked to serve as deacon in my PCA church again (long story how I became inactive).
You really should keep teaching/preaching/blogging and share that knowledge that the Lord has given you. You're a great speaker/communicator from what I see here.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your comments. My goal with the sermon was to glorify God, present thoughts on what I do see as an often overlooked concern among Christians--myself included (the importance of "the church"), and also to thank the congregation I was a part of in Korea for their Christ-likeness to us.

I've thought about resuming blogging. I definitely would want to do it more in a devotional direction than I have in the past. Too many irate Reformed guys spewing their opinions, I don't want to be another.

Have you ever considered team blogging? I just don't generate the volume needed for a decent blog, but I wouldn't mind posting devotional thoughts in conjunction with someone else. I started one called Not Just Sunday with a friend, but neither of us was very active on it, and it quickly became a chore for me!


Reformed Renegade said...

I would absolutely be interested in team blogging with you. A devtional blog would be great (similar to the new blog I just started). Why don't we take this discussion to email. Are you back in the States yet (Idaho, right?)