17 November 2008

Seven Ways to Improve Your Day Off

Free time, if there is such a thing, is at a premium. Idle time, let's face it, should not be a part of our lives. So, here's my list to improve our days away from the office. Any additions?

1. Set aside specific time to spend with your wife.
2. Set aside specific time to spend with your kids.
3. Determine/schedule how you will relax (it won’t just happen). Play guitar, have a game of golf, spend time with relatives, but whatever you do, plan it.
4. Spend time reading. Don’t like to read? Tough. There is no better way to enrich your mind & soul with the things of God.
5. Take time to meditate. Whether you’re in your study or at the park, meditate on the things of God. (We should be striving for this anyway, right?)
6. If you watch TV, watch quality. Watch something wherein the actors are true actors and there is a fine story to tell. Don’t watch the 99% of what’s out there and don’t fall prey to the cult of celebrity.
7. Spend some time thinking how you can help someone and then do it.

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