06 November 2008

Our Lives Are Like Ruined Castles

“Our lives are like ruined castles in the Highlands of Scotland. We drive around and look through the morning mist; if you squeeze your eyes together you can imagine what that ruin looked like when it was in full swing: when all the windows were in place, when the lights were on inside, when with the skirl of the pipes the laughter ensued and the laughter emanated across the hillside. But its all gone now. But there is a majesty to it; there is a glory to it. Its a ruin. But its a glorious ruin. That’s what the bible says men and women are: glorious as made in the image of God…. and yet ruined as a result of our rebellion against God.” - Alistair Begg


Joseph said...

I agree. Thank you for the reminder.

steve martin said...

Right on!

In Christ Jesus our ruined lives and our ruined self is declared whole again. And the laughter can once again be heard throughout Heaven.

ReformedChristian said...

I heard Alistair Begg the night before, we were tempted to go to Charlotte chapel on the Sunday morning but visited a friends church instead. The ruined castle comment comes straight out of the Calvin's Institutes.