16 November 2008

The Blues is a Congregation...

The blues is a congregation of those who belong to Adam, who know what it means to be Adam and Eve's sons and daughters. It is also a congregation for whom the hope of Christ means redemption and freedom, the overturning and overcoming of that inherited curse. It is a congregation that sand and continues to sing of faith, hope, and love, one that tasted and continues to taste the sweetness of mercy. It is a congregation that hurls their words into the darkness, listening for a faint echo in return, a congregation waiting both patiently and actively for justice as they live in this world and as they long for the world to come. The blues is a congregation that sings on Saturday night in expectation of Sunday. - From Getting the Blues, What Blues Music Teaches Us About Suffering and Salvation by Stephen J. Nichols, pg. 171

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