14 November 2008

Never Been to Neverland?

Carl Trueman does it again with his latest article at Ref21, Trapped in Neverland. Its another spot on account of what is happening in our culture today. One pertinent quote reads, ...we need to put aside childish things and start acting like adults. Pascal put his finger on the problem of human life when he saw how entertainment had come to occupy a place, not as the necessary and momentary relief from a life of work, but as an end in itself. When entertainment becomes more than a pleasant and occasional distraction, when time and income become devoted to entertainment and to pleasure, when sports teams become more important to us than people - even the people to whom we are close - then something has gone badly wrong. The frothy entertainment culture in which we live is a narcotic: not only is it addictive, so that we always want more; it also eats away at us, skewing our priorities, rotting our values as surely as too much sugar rots our teeth. Jump over and read the entire article here & give it some thought. It'll well worth your time.

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