22 April 2007

She's Right

My heart goes out to the victim's families and survivors of the VT massacre. But my opinion remains the same - gun control is not the solution to stop these crimes. Ultimately nothing but the Spirit of Christ permeating our land will end this evil but, for now, Ann Coulter is right. Concealed carry laws can be the deterrent. Ohio has this law and I'm glad for it. If more of us, virtually all of of us, were carrying a gun we'd all be safer. It isn't just ironic that these bloodbaths occur where guns are forbidden. I especially think teachers and school administrators should be packin'. The very places we think should be the safest, let's face it, are NOT. As public school employees are employed by the government then I believe it is reasonable to assume that they should carry (and use if necessary) guns to fulfill the biblical mandate for the government to protect life and property as found in the book of Romans. I also think as we are biblically bound to protect our families & therefore carrying a gun is our right and duty. It's time we consider buying a hand gun, taking gun instruction classes and keeping ourselves & our families and friends safe. Had someone had a gun at VT how much less would the carnage have been? Check out Ann Coulter's article here. She's right.

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