19 April 2007

Renegade's Top Beer Picks

Riding on the shirt tails of my last post I will now proudly proclaim my top five favorite beers (which actually turned into my top seven favorite beers – I’m sure there is a tenth but I just can’t think of it). I might also add at this point that this list, at least the last four or so, are subject to change based experiential delight in pursuit of the perfect pint. Additionally, one will note that beers such as Bud Light (I even have a hard time typing that) will not be found in this list – I would rather have a Pepsi than subject myself to a Budweiser. Having said all that, here is the list:

1) Tied for first place is Guinness and McEwan’s Scotch Ale. My palette is not as sophisticated as some beer aficionados but I find them quite similar. Both are very dark but the McEwan’s is just a tad sweet. If I was on a desert island and forced to pick one or the other the McEwan’s would likely win out. I’m blessed that there are no desert islands near this part of Ohio.
2) Next would be Great Lakes Brewing’s Blackout Stout so named for the blackout on August 14th , 2004. Again, another very dark color and more similar to the McEwan’s than to the Guinness but it does not have that wee bit of sweetness. But, this one is expensive. It’s sold in 4-packs for the same price as what you’d pay for a 6-pack.
3) Another fine Great Lakes Brew is their Christmas Ale. Don’t read the ingredients they throw in to give it that Holiday taste, it’ll just put you off. Nevertheless, this is becoming a perennial favorite in this part of the country.
4) Bass Ale. Excellent brew, the only pale ale in the group.
5) Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Outstanding, but it’s a bit heavy for a lager to drink regularly. I wouldn’t give you two cents for the Samuel Adams Light.
6) Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. Many guys don’t like these beers as they’re after the traditional beer “taste.” All I can say is Get Over It.
7) Leinenkugel Red. You won't go wrong with this red.

OK, let's throw in Pete's Wicked Ale, Wicked Red and Wicked Strawberry Blond to make it an even 10. There ya have it. Renegade's top picks.


Gordan said...

I have no experience with McEwans. I'll be on the lookout for it. Totally agree with you about Bud. I am completely foreign to the regional brews you mentioned. Gotta admit I tried Sam Adams Light and thought it was good! I broke down and listed Coors Light on my top five: I wish I could say that my tastes were always high-brow, but they are not.

Eddie Exposito said...

Good choices although I've not had them all. One of my favorite beers in Abita Amber made by a local brewery here in Louisiana. Not sure if you can get it where you are.

thanks for the list.

Reformed Renegade said...

I wouldn't say they're high brow necessarily. Guinness is consumed by the average guy in Ireland. I just don't enjoy a Pilsener that much and If I'm gonna consume the calories I'd rather it be one of these. Actually, I don't imbibe as much as I'd like as I try to keep the waist line in check. :-)

Gordan said...

Yeah, same with me on the waistline issue, which is the main reason I've shifted to whiskey.