17 April 2007

Blogging & Renegalia

You know, I don't like talking on the phone. I think it has something to do with not seeing the person I'm conversing with. The sentiment is crossing over to my blogging. As I read blogs I find that many do not have a pic of the author and even worse little or no personal description. Tell me why I should read anything by someone who won't reveal anything about him/herself? Where is the justification in so doing? I just came across a blog where the blogger's pic is one of his shoes, little personal info and goes only by his blogname. Why should I give any creedance to anything he has to say? OK, rant over.

Take a look at the Flickr pics. Numerous pics of my grandson. Yeah, the little bald guy has leukemia. But he is doing well.

Finished the Christian history class I was taking on history from the Reformation to the present. Into the next class on old testament history. These are online classes from Covenant Seminary - really good stuff. Besides, I need more excuses to by more books!


Looney said...

Then why do you blog at all?

Reformed Renegade said...

I think the answer is obvious, i.e., I enjoy it. Most folks DO have a picture of themselves and reveal enough info about themselves so anyone can get an idea where they're coming from. Blogging allows for the sharing of ideas, doctrines, thoughts, hopes, etc. AND, it allows one to make friends with others, even of differing viewpoints. But, that is difficult when one party is withholding information about themselves.