31 December 2006

Absolute Power or Power Corrupting Absolutely??

Our Pastor made some interesting observations this morning speaking on power. In the last week two people who once had enormous power died. Former president Ford, who pardoned Nixon, died this last week as I'm sure you know. Ford was shunned and hated by his own party the press and many Americans for this pardon and it ruined his career. But Ford knew this country could not take years of court trials in a case against Nixon. He choose healing for this nation rather than punishment. Was he right or wrong? I'll leave that to you to determine but how would history have changed had Nixon gone to trial for his actions? On the other hand, Saddam Hussein was hung for his crimes in this past week. Unless you've been living on a desert island somewhere you are well aware of his crimes against his own countrymen as well as the surrounding nations of Iraq. His power courrupted absolutely.

For how we use our power, no matter how much or how little we have, we are responsible for our actions. Christ is the supreme example of power and His power is perfect and can always be relied upon. May we enter this new year with a renewed trust in our Lord and be ready to honor and serve Him as His humble servants. Rev. 1:7-8.

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