27 December 2006

A Bloke’s gotta have Moderation in Everything – Especially Non-Drinking

One of the finest little books I’ve ever laid eyes on is Jim West’s, “Drinking with Calvin and Luther.” Rev. West concisely and quickly weaves his way through history and Scripture to present his evidence that we as believers are not only permitted to drink alcohol but should do so as a blessing from God. He gives evidence of many Christian “Hall of Famers” that have consumed and enjoyed wine & beer. From Calvin to Spurgeon to Machen and many more who have gone before us. Several of them have been slandered for their alcohol consumption. His historical proofs are many and very eye opening. West not only stands on the historical proof but more importantly digs into Scripture to show just how wrong most of Christendom is today. There are numerous verses that advocate drinking wine such as Judges 9:13, Is. 55:1 and Psalm 106:15 and let’s not forget one of the most quoted passages in Scripture, Psalm 23. The connection between Christ’s blood and wine is also clearly spelled out. West even takes a few paragraphs to show how our modern translations show the non-drinking bias of the transltors.
Overall, this is a interesting read and very enlightening as well. You can purchase this book here: http://www.oakdown.com/drinkingwithcalvin/. And no, I have no affiliation with this publisher or Jim West himself.
OK, its two days after Christmas and I’m heading straight to the fridge to enjoy a Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale!!

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