21 December 2006

The DaVinci Code – Who Cares?

OK, ok, ok. Yet, another article on the DaVinci Code. So, why are you reading this? Well, you must have some sort of interest. My question is, if you are a true believer, why? No, I have not read the book or seen the movie, maybe one day I will but why should I? However interesting it might be, the story is altering Biblical truth even though it is fiction. So why in Heaven’s name would I be interested? Why are you? Alright, you have unbelieving friends that want to know the truth – I can buy that. You want to be prepared when that smart-aleck coworker brings up one of those questionable issues in the movie like Christ was married. I’ll buy that, too, and other similar issues.

But I’m referring to those who have seen the movie or read the book and now their faith is faltering. Huh? What? Let’s get this straight. If some Hollywood movie can negatively effect one’s faith, then faith was never there. Yup, faith was never there. One more time, faith-was-never-there. That may sound really harsh but, let’s face it, these persons were never true believers. True believers would not have their faith shaken by a movie that is clearly advertised and is a work of fiction. It is fiction folks! Why should this effect you? Why would a believer want to see it other than the reasons noted above? But, websites can be found all over the ‘net attempting to counter-act the effects of this work of fiction. Again, stay informed to answer those questions when you’re challenged by unbelievers. But, this should not effect your faith. If it has, examine yourself, as Paul tells us to do, (2 Cor. 13:5) and see if you really are a believer. A mark of a true believer is perseverance in the faith (Westminster Shorter Catechism #36). Should one ask questions about issues? Sure, it should spur us on to further Bible study which will only convince and strengthen the heart of a child of God (PS 55:22b).

C’mon Christian America! Educate yourself enough about this story to answer those who may question you about it and then get on with what really matters – worshiping the Lord and growing in knowledge and faith of Christ our King!!!!

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