03 July 2013

The Church Saw My Discretions

A valuable post form the Gospel Coalition on women and broken people...

Marcy Deck writes

The church saw my discretions, and neither did they ignore them or punish me for them. Instead, they loved me well until I saw the error of my ways. They invited me in. They gave me resources. They spoke truth when I needed to hear it. They were there to help pick up the pieces when I had to deal with the consequences of my actions.

and further

I was also granted the privilege of being pursued to serve other women in the church. I saw in action what Jen Wilkin commended in her recent article "The Complementarian Woman: Permitted or Pursued." She writes, "The challenge for any pastor would be to consider whether he is crafting a church culture that permits women to serve or one that pursues women to serve. Because a culture of permission will not ensure complementarity functions as it should."

What struck me about this article is how the church took her in in her brokenness. Aren't we all broken? Don't we all need the love and affection of our church family? I know I do. The question I ask of myself and of you is are we doing this for others in our churches in their brokenness?

Moreover, she filled the the glaring gaps of ministry. Is your church and my church doing this? Are we creating a culture that goes beyond entry level Bible studies and knitting circles.

Read the entire post here and consider: what is the depth of women's ministries at your church and are people being met where they are - in their brokenness?

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