05 July 2013

Are We Ready?

Peter Leithart
Peter Leithart posts his thoughts on DOMA...

Many churches have already capitulated to the Zeitgeist, and many others will. Some Christians and some churches won’t be up to the challenge. For those who heed Paul’s admonition not to be conformed to the pattern of this world, things are going to get sticky. But we are servants of God. He opens our ears to hear, and he gives us tongues to speak truth. If that means we are insulted and marginalized, if it means we yield our back to the smiters and our face to those who spit on us, so be it.

Every day we are losing our rights not just as Americans but as Christians.  Widespread acceptance of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, freedom of speech and....and....and.... We must ask ourselves, are we ready? The trials, difficulties and persecution is coming and coming on rapidly. Think on it, friends. We capitulate or we are persecuted. Time to decide where you stand. As Leithart notes in his post,

God has his winnowing fork in his hand, and he’s ready to use it. There’s likely to be a lot of chaff, blown away like mist. But there will be a harvest. We’re being sent into an oven, but Jesus will crush the grain of the harvest so that, baked in the fire of the Spirit, it will become bread for the life of the world.

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