07 June 2013

Go to the Psalms

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Psalms...

There are times when the soul is weary, when we feel we are incapable of receiving that more direct instruction; we are so tried, and our minds are so tired, and our hearts may be so bruised, that we somehow cannot make the effort to concentrate upon principles and to look at things objectively. It is at such a time, and particularly at such a time, and in order that they may receive truth in this more personal form, that people who feel that life has dealt cruelly with them have gone – battered and beaten by the waves and billows of life – to the Psalms. They have read the experiences of some of these men, and have found that they, too, have been through something very similar. And somehow that fact, in and of itself, helps and strengthens them. They feel that they are not alone, and that what is happening to them is not unusual. They begin to realize the truth of Paul's comforting words to the Corinthians, ‘There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man,’ and that very realization alone enables them to take courage and to be renewed in their faith. The Book of Psalms is of inestimable value in this respect, and we find people turning constantly to it. (Lloyd-Jones, Martyn (2011-03-01). Faith on Trial (Kindle Locations 86-94). Christian Focus Publications. Kindle Edition.)

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