01 March 2010

Pentateuch Study 9

We continue...

The Pentateuch: its meaning, message and application
Week 9 – Leviticus
I. Exodus summary – (Ex. 25–40) Israel receiving blessings: God gives His presence
a. Exodus 25-31 – God gives Moses the details of the tabernacle and of the priestly functions associated with it (Mosaic instructions from God)
b. Exodus 32-34 – Israel violates the covenant but Moses intercedes (Rebellion causes judgment)
c. Exodus 35-40 – A description of the construction of the tabernacle (Construction leads to blessing)
d. Conclusions
II. Leviticus
a. Purpose and meaning
i. Purpose – A holy God requires a holy people
ii. Meaning – Live the reality of your salvation in holiness
b. Outline
i. Lev. 1-25 (Regulations of Sacrifices, Priests, Cleanliness and Holy Living)
ii. Lev. 26 (Blessing and Curse)
iii. Lev. 27 (Regulations of vow)
c. Summary
i. Stipulations (Lev. 1-25) from narrow to broad
ii. Conditions
iii. Recommitment
d. Lev. 1-7 (Regulations of Sacrifices)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. The 5 offerings
iii. Summary and conclusion
e. Lev. 8-10 (Regulations of Priests)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. The worship
iii. Summary and conclusion
f. Lev. 11-16 (Regulations of Uncleanness)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Holy, common, clean and unclean
iii. Foods, childbirth, discharges, atonement
iv. Summary and conclusion
g. Lev. 17-25 (General Regulations of Holy Living)
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Holy living in its spheres
iii. Summary and conclusion
h. Lev. 26
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Blessings and cursings
iii. Summary and conclusion
i. Lev. 27
i. Purpose, focus and outline
ii. Vows
iii. Summary and conclusion

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