11 March 2010


I have found over the years that journaling is very therapeutic for me. It's a way of "getting it out" if you will, a way of sorting out jumbled thoughts and arranging them for future reference. I journal everything and anything that my mind needs to sort out or moreover, meditate on. Indeed, these blogs are pseudo-journals for me. What I post here and on OMT is what I tend to be studying, meditating on, listening to, preparing for or laughing about. I like a good pen, too. You can keep your Bic blue ballpoints. Give me a nice pen with ink that flows smoothly and evenly. Moleskines are wonderful journals that come in all sizes that are great for recording whatever is on my mind. They're nicely bound and ready to travel wherever I go.

With this in mind it was gratifying to a come across George Grant's Facebook post this morning. Below is the video he shares with us on journaling. Thanks, George!

Dr. George Grant on Journaling from King's Meadow on Vimeo.

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