01 March 2010

Keller on the Western Church

Tim Keller
Tim Keller offers some insightful thoughts and questions in his post, The Big Issues facing the Western Church.

They are,
1. The opportunity for extensive culture-making in the U.S.
2. The rise of Islam.
3. The new non-western Global Christianity.
4. The growing cultural remoteness of the gospel.
5. The end of prosperity?

I have been pondering this last point myself lately. What will we do with less money? How will we handle are own finances and those of our own local church? Keller asks discerningly, ...if we experience even one significant act of nuclear or bio-terrorism in the U.S. or Europe, we may have to throw out all the basic assumptions about social and economic progress we have been working off for the last 65 years. In the first half of the 20th century, we had two World Wars and a Depression. Is the church ready for that? How could it be? What does that mean?

Are we ready? Can we suffer through?

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