15 August 2009

Lord's Day 33 Heidelberg Catechism

Lord's Day 33

Scripture Readings: Ephesians 2:1-10; Mark 7:1-13

Question 88. What is involved in genuine repentance or conversion?
Answer. Two things: the dying of the old self, and the coming to life of the new.

Question 89. What is the dying of the old self?
Answer. It is to be genuinely sorry for sin, to hate it more and more, and to run away from it.

Question 90. What is the coming-to-life of the new self?
Answer. It is wholehearted joy in God through Christ and a strong desire to live according to the will of God in all good works.

Question 91. What are good works?
Answer. Only those which are done out of true faith, conform to God's law, and are done for God's glory, and not those based on our own opinion or human tradition.

For study and reflection:
Why is conversion necessary?
What is the motivation after conversion for good works?

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