18 August 2009

Lig Duncan on Reformed Theology

I thought this video was great. Clear, concise and to the point, it opens the door to understand the Reformed faith.


Jason said...

Russ, I was was introduced to Reformed theology about 2 years ago. As a boy was raised Roman Catholic but at around 18 years old converted to the Arminian wing of the Protestant church. I believe Reformed theology is correct doctrinally. I resent quit my church and I'm in search of a new church home. Are Presbyterian churches the only denomination that teach Reformed Theology? If so what Presbyterian Church should I look for?

Reformed Renegade said...

No, there are others and within Presbyterian churches, some are good, some are bad. The best are OPC and PCA. The worst are PCUSA, some RCA and some CRC. The last two are drifting. There are others that are good and others not so good. Are you a paedo-baptist or follow adult, believers' baptism? It makes a differnce. There are many things to consider. My humble advice is to investigate all you can (feel free to ask me anything you like) and then try a church and see if its a fit. I would always suggest a confessional church - that way you won't have anysurprises as to what they believe.

Jason said...

Russ, sorry for taking so long to reply. Its been a busy summer. I meant to say recently quit my church not resent. I definitely don't resent doing that. Your info was very helpful.

I have not found any sense in infant baptism as of yet. So I would say believers'.

Most of my thinking and theology been influenced by John Wesley holiness movement type churches. I now see the error in that teaching.

One other problem I find is I like a more modern contemporary style worship which might be hard to find in your confessional type Presbyterian churches.

Reformed Renegade said...

Though you may like contemporary worship styles, don't let that stand in your way of attending a confessional church that still sings hymns. Music style should be secondary in my humble opinion. Preaching and teaching the truth should always come first. Just a thought.