27 August 2009

Are You a Blogging Scoffer?

Are you a blogging scoffer? I was reminded just how serious this question is while recently listening to Tim Keller's address this year at the Gospel Coalition. While speaking of those who are religious idolators he notes two marks of the scoffer (Proverbs 1:22; 9:7-8; 13:1; 14:6; 15:12; 19:25; 19:29; 21:11; 21:24; 22:10; 24:9; 29:8). The first is that he is dogmatic and closed minded. The second is that he is always "disrespectful to opponents, always belittling, always mocking, always distainful." Keller points out that "the internet breeds scoffers" because traffic is increased to your blog if you're a scoffer. So, even if what you believe is truth, it is possible to make an idol of it.

Are you a bloging scoffer? Let us always consider this before we click publish and let us think biblically about how we are increasing traffic to our blogs.

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