26 March 2009

The Creedal Emphases of Our Faith

Jump over and read Iain Campbell's latest post, Means of Grace. Its a valued reminder of our means of grace as he states, The emphasis on grace is a reminder that it is possible for us to have a real relationship with God, and that such a relationship is founded and grounded upon his action toward us. And, its not over when we receive his grace, either. Christian living means living in the light and in the grip of grace. I won't steal his thunder so please read it for yourself but allow me to share his conclusion, This may all seem academic, but it is anything but. There is a need to recover the creedal emphases of our faith, with their high view of the way God has chosen to minister his grace into the lives of his people. We have tended to dumb down the idea of the church, and even a need for it. But Christ has appointed it, and, however distasteful the idea might appear to some, outside of it there is no ordinary possibility of our receiving the grace of God at all.

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