14 February 2009


John Piper and Justin Taylor have put together the small tome, Stand. Its concise, convicting and well worth a read. Some of the most convicting portions are Piper's thoughts on retirement. He drills it home in his chapter, Getting Old to the Glory of God. For example, he quotes J. Oswald Sanders on retirement, O God, don't let me waste my final years! Don't let me buy the American dream of retirement - month after month of leisure and play and hobbies and putzing around in the garage and rearranging the furniture and golfing and fishing and sitting and watching television. Lord, please have mercy on me. Save me this curse. Piper goes on himself to say, Oh, that God would give us a passion in our final years to spend ourselves to make him look as great as he really is - to get old to the glory of God. And further, Don't settle for anything less than the joyful sorrows of magnifying Christ in the sacrifices of love. Now, I'm not anywhere near the age of retirement but Piper's point is well taken.

This little book was born out of a recent conference and has several contributors including John MacArthur. Its full title reveals the thrust of the book, Stand, A Call for the Endurance of the Saints. Its full of life-giving advice and help. At only $10 from Desiring God, don't let this one pass you by.

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