10 December 2008

Valuable Use of Time?

C.J. Mahaney took some time to quote R.C. Sproul recently on time management and a couple of points really caught my attention. Point #4 was, ...use your leisure time for pursuits that are life enriching. Leisure time is often spent on avocations. Reading is a valuable use of time. It enriches life to read outside of your major field or area of expertise. Augustine once advised believers to learn as much as possible about as many things as possible, since all truth is God’s truth. Other avocations that are enriching include the arts. I like to study the piano and I dabble in painting. No one will ever mistake me for a serious musician or an accomplished artist. But these avocations open up the world of beauty to me that enhances my view of God and His manifold perfections. I also enjoy working cross-word puzzles to warm up the little gray cells and to expand my vista of verbal expression. This is the manner in which I have been pursuing my leisure activities (I'm delighted R.C. approves). I spend time reading and try to spend it by reading several areas of study and not limiting myself to just one subject or area. And, if you play guitar like me you know it is great for private worship and opening the my mind to another area of life that can be enjoyed.

Point 6 was just insightful, ...use drive-time for learning. Driving a car is another mechanical function that allows the mind to be alert to more than what is happening on the roadway. The benefits of audio tape can be put to great use during these times. I can listen to lectures and instructional tapes while driving, thereby redeeming the time. I drive quite a distance to work and always felt that it was such a waste of time. Over the last 2-3 years I've spent listening to sermons and lectures and indeed, the Bible. This is a fantastic means of making good use of drive time. Can't afford to download the whole Bible right now? You can download just the Psalms and Proverbs for only 5 bucks from Crossway. Read the whole post here and see where else, like me, you can make better use of the short time that God has given us.

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