06 December 2008

More Books and Reading

Any blog on reading always catches my eye and I'm uncontrollably drawn to it. Justin's Buzzard Blog has a post on 20 books that should be read in your twenties. My twenties are just a memory now (distant memory, that is) but I was happy to see that have read and actually have in my library six of the twenty and have my sites on a few more on the list. Check it out here even if you are a few days, years or decades (like me) past your twenties.

And on the subject of books, Stephen Nichols, author of Getting the Blues, reviews Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction: Christianity and the Battle for the Soul of a Nation by Rodney Clapp. Its an interesting review and the book is now on my Amazon wish list (should any of my family of close friends be reading this).

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ReformedChristian said...

Hi Russ,

Thanks for pointing us to this list. I have read 7, currently have one unfinished and one on my Christmas list. I feel signficantly passed my 20's but I was in my twenties at the start of the decade, century, millenium wow, when I put it that way I feel old.
God Bless