27 September 2008

Third Day - Revelation

Third Day's new album is quite good. I was rather let down with their last two studio endeavors but Revelation seems to be a return to their former style, sound and energy. Yeah, there’s been some whining about their appearance with the Pope last Spring but so be it. I’m not in agreement with joining the RC’s in cooperative works but Third Day playing for the Pope is not a big deal. Besides, it comports with their “come together” motif. Anyway, Take It All stands out to me as one of the better tunes on the album. Below are the lyrics and the tune is quite well done, too.

All the promises I've broken
All the times I've let you down
You've forgot them
But still I hold on to
the pain that makes me drown
Now I'm ready
To let it go
To give it away
Take it all
'Cause I can't take it any longer
All I have, I can't
make it on my own
Take the first, take the last
Take the good and take the rest
Here I am, all I have
Take it all
All the roads that lie before me
All the struggles I go through
Every second I'm reminded
That it all belongs to you
Now I'm ready
To let it go
To give it away
Ever since I died to myself
You gave a better life to me
I give you my finest moment
I give you the last breath I breathe
- Third Day

Third Day Revelation

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